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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 19, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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tonight here at 10. thirty. the news at 11 with tony and shawn starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, i didn't do that. tell me what you did. i swear to god i didn't do that. are the parents going too far. critics claim a local couple is abusing their kids. tonight we look at how it could be affecting the kids from a doctor's perspective. tenants political views are on full display near nats park. how the apartment management is responding. plus big changes proposed for a heavily traveled area of northern virginia. your news starts now.
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following two developing stories tonight. former president george hw bush is in a houston hospital tonight. family spokesman says he was admitted last friday for a persistent cuff. doctors say he has a mild case of pneumonia and is being held for observation. it is unclear when he will be release mr. bush is 92 years old. new tonight, new details about a shooting spree, corey muhammad opened fire random killing three people before officers tackled him. he posted on social media about his dislike for white people and the government. all three victims were white. mow whom had shouted the phrase god is great in arabic. he was wanted in connection with a shooting last week that killed a motel security guard.
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county parents are under fire because of some videos they posted on youtube pranking their own kids. >> thanks for joining us, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tch. >> the parents played pranks on their kids often leaving them crying. take a look. what the beep. i didn't do that. i didn't do that. what the beep is that. what is this? you tell me. i didn't do that. you tell me what you did. after this video went viral angry viewers contacted fox5 a of the parents emotionally abusing their children. there are always two camps of opinion. sor of the opinion that you should play with your traditional in more traditional places like a tradition. the psychologist we spoke with tonight she says these parents took things too
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disevment emotional trauma that they're inflicting on their child. i'm going to spray it all over the carpet and start flipping out. they're making a living off their youtube page dad ohio five which centers around pranking their children. with nearly a mill subscribers to their page and more than 175 million views, their latest prank has gone viral. mom pours in advisable ink on the bedroom carpet and then in her words flips out. what the beep. i didn't do that. what the hell is that? what happens next is what has am asking is this abuse. i didn't do that. you tell into he what you did. i swear to god i didn't do that. it's ul over the carpet. i didn't do that. why did you do that? you ruined the carpet.
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business. i didn't do that. mom and dad, i didn't do it. oh, my god. oh, my god. do you know how much that -- i didn't do that. i swear. >> cody. >> i didn't do it. it's greul and it's just inappropriate. clinical psychologist linda ma gee questions the parents' actions. today youtube removed the video saying it violated the company's policy on harassment and bullying. the parents posted another video attempting to address public concerns. are you guys okay. >> yes. >> are you upset. >> no. >> it was just a prank. >> it was just a prank. >> it's a bit sadistic, wouldn't you agree because it's really putting these kids in a little bit of a trauma even if it was temporarily. if they were continue to do such things it would be harmful to the
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parent/child relationship. >> in response to the public out cry the american department of human resources put out a statement quote, dhr is committed to protecting vul herbal children across maryland we appreciate members of the community who come forward concerning vulnerable children. our mission every single day is to make sure the safety of every single chid in maryland. today we reached out to child protective services they would not confirm or deny if they are investigating the family. marina maracco, fox5 local news. >> we're le learning new details about a deadly stabbing that happened on easter. a two # year old northeast man who lived with the 79 year old victim is in custody. fox5's teisha lewis is live with northeast with more on what may have been going on inside that home before the violence. >>reporter: we were able to get ahold ofth
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documents and they reveal and identify the victim as 79 year old david norwood. according to a family member that we spoke with norwood is malcolm cunningham's step grand father. they all lived here in this northeast neighborhood inside that blue house. court records say the defendant, cunningham was asked to move out just weeks earlier after threatening to kill everyone inside that house apparently returned on sunday. what was your reaction to what happened, though? >> i didn't like it. that's all i can say. >> the woman who thans ad the door here identified herself as malcolm cunningham's grandmother. he did not live with this grandmother. he was living with his other grandmother and the vic testimony. we spoke with cunningham's brother on the phone and he confirms what court records describe her, a living situation that was quickly spiraling out of control. cunningham was involved with sera
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members inside the home. in one instance he said he was going to kill a family member who was staring at him. this took place after the grandmother left to go to a doctor's office. on another occasion he reportedly pulled a knife on a family member much that's when he was told he had three weeks to move out. he used a black and silver knife to kill the victim, 79 year old david norwood. >> the knife was later found in a bin. >> a tip came in saying a suspicion person placing the knife in the bin. >> that woman identified herself as malcolm kung he on oh excuse me, david norwood's granddaughter. we did speak over the phone to malcolm cunningham's brother, he is in vancouver but says that cunningham did have some problems going on. the ma'amly as a whole did have some
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malcolm cunningham faces second degree murder. >> also in the district, a maintenance worker died this morning after part of a large tree fell on top of him. this happened at independent avenue and first street in southeast. officialses say matthew mcclellan was working on an irrigation pipe when the tree fell. >> easing congestion and improving safety along route one in alexandria. tonight residents got to voice their special on an expansion project a meeting was held to discuss widening richmond highway. >> what we're planning on doing in genoise widening about a three-mile section to six lanes much it's currently four lanes. what we don't have today is a median. right now the median is used to do different movements along the corridor and it's because there's so many access points along route one. we're going to reserve a median. it's going to be grass at this time. transportation offeringses says
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to accommodate a rapid busies tell in frkt. if improved the road expansion could affect 200 families. >> we now know the name of the victim of the deadly blackhawk crash. twenty-two year old specialist jeremy tomlin died at the scene. the chopper was on a routine training flight when it went down in a golf course. chief officer nicholas and tap contain ter cost oh annote oh was also hurt. they're in critical condition in baltimore there's no word on what us contacted the crash. >> the jokers jinx ride at the six flags is now open again. it is now safe to ride. decision to reopen comes days after the roller coaster malfunctioned and left riders stranded. it took firefighters several hours to rescue the twus dozen riders last thursday.
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they say apparently there was a problem with one of the train's wheels. up next tonight, the maryland man who is now on the fbi's top ten most wanted list. tranging the so-called facebook live killer. new details about how the man hunt came to an end today. also ahead tonight, the battle of the banners. take a look at this. some people thought this was funny, but not the apartment management. we're going to tell you
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>> the search for steve stephens has ended. the vehicle fled from that area. there was a short pursuit in which the vehicle stopped. as the officers approached that vehicle, steve stevens took his own life. that was the chief of the cleveland police department announcing that the man hunt for the so-called facebook kirl is now over. police tracked down steve stephens inier i, pennsylvania this mocker. the staff from a mack doblgd's drive through recognized him as he ordered nuggets and fries. they called police. >>reporter: a random act of violence posted online for all to see. this man, steve stephens shot and
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old robert god win senior in cleveland and then put video of the crime on facebook. authorities searching a multistate hunt which ended when stephensened with a gunshot wound. he was somewhere the last couple of days. pennsylvania state troopers catching up with stephens tuesday morning in errie after a mcdonald's drive through worker spotted him. officers pursuing the car in an effort to get him stop. sortly after he shot and killed himself. from what my supervisor told me, it looked like he was a little nerved up and then just didn't want to wait and said he had to go. officials wouldn't comment on a motive, but stephens talked about having relationship and gambling issues. they say this investigation is far from over. they
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the contents of the car and will be releasing more information in the coming days. >> a maryland man suspected of killing his wife two years ago is now one of the fbi's top ten most wanted fugitives. queue mar patel is accused of killing his wife in hand on. \he\e razz was last seen a day after the murder at a hotel in newark, new jersey. the fbi is offering a reparred for up to $100,000 for information leading to his arrest. fugitive patel marks the 114th edition. patel is from india. investigators say there are no indications he left the country legal limit detectives suspect he may be staying with relatives in new jersey. another maryland man is also on the fbi's top ten lists william bishop is also accused of killing members of his family back
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is still alive. >> new tonight if you were at the nats game this weekend you may have spotted this, political rivalry among neighbors at an apartment building across from nats park. it got some attention t and it had people laughing. on monday morning the building management told everyone to take all the ban ers down. fox5's lindsay watts has the story. >>reporter: people who live here at camden south capital have until may 1 to ditch all patio did displays and that incs political matters like the black lives matter sign. and the sports signs. people who live hearsays this has never been an issue before, not until two neighbors got into a partisan banner fight over the even. you can call it the most political street in the nation.
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into d.c. south capital will take you directly to the halls of congress. no surprise, some who live around here want their views on full display. i became a lot more political after the election results n came n. amonday donna is a liberal who lived for several months under this trump banner. last week she decided to make her own statement saying nope with a period pointing up. >> i've gotten messages from the country, from around the world. and also the attention of management. this notice went out saying it's a lease violation to hang anything. even the team playing across the treat. meanwhile the banner \war\what are continued. the banner banner swismed out to hillary for president. i felt like my m
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was a little fulfilling to see a hillary banner up for a while. he switched it back out for today. >> some neighbors thatted to laugh. i kind of cheered them on. i was interesting. i kind of like it. others say they understand where management is coming from in this tense political climate. certainly with how contentious things are in our country in the political area i'm not surprised that the building wants to probably stay neutral on that. we did talk to the man with the trump ban eras well. he didn't want to go on camera, but he said he doesn't have any bad feelings for his neighbor. they've met before. but he says he would like to meet her. this is a good back and forth even if it is going to be short lived. >> i think it was very creative of. >> it was totally creative. i love that he then went to the expense
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hillary for president. >> you guys did great. >> only in d.c. >> we find that amusing. >> very true. handled it well. >> weather wise, it's chilly, but i'm still loving it. >> april has been nice. >> it has been. quite a departure from march. >> yes. >> a few april showers in the forecast as well, but not enough tomorrow, shawn and tony to get rid of the pollen or require you to worry too much about having an umbrella. i will keep one handy, but there will be more of us who don't see showers than do. all of us will get in on the cloudy night. it will be overcast which wake up tomorrow morning. there will be a couple showers here and there. we'll update the futurecast coming up hees are the four words you need to know about tomorrow, cloudy, cooler, a few showers. >> the next couple of days a big jump in temperature between wednesday and thursday. we're going to
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degrees cooler and a few showers around, not a lot. thursday we pop right back up to 830. it has everything to do with the wind direction this time of of year. tomorrow's wind out of the east. that keeps us a little bit cooler. thursday's wind out of the south and that's bringing up the warmth that we see across the deep south that's why we'll head for 830-degrees. maybe even an is lailted rumble of thunder since we'll be more into the heat. >> you can see the clouds trying to push in a little closer. these showers likely aren't going to make it. it could be some of those up and along the interstate 81 corridor tomorrow morning. i can't rule them out in our western suburbs. we have a few more clouds coming down from pennsylvania as well. again, temperature wise we've been seeing the temperatures drop down. it was a little bit cooler than it was last night. mid 50s around most of the rest of the region and we'll drop down a few more degrees a
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not terribly cold because the clouds coming in tonight will prevent that. the jacket may come in handy. we already see the winds are changing. we have the southeast winds and eventually they'll become more of an east wind which will help to transport in the cloud cover that we'll have later tonight and tomplet 53-degrees for the district. again not terrible day. maybe a little bit of sunshine towards the end of the day. we're only headed to 75-degrees with a couple of showers here and there. >> just clouds, maybe a spotty shower at the noon hour. high pressure moving off the coast, though, changes the wind direction. this front will try to come through as you know on thursday and that will pop us back into the sunshine. >> the last thing we'll show you here is where we're going to stand in the morning with the showers.
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front royal. as we get towards the noon hour they break apart and maybe one or two as we head toward the afternoon but also maybe some thing of thinning of the clouds. we'll watch thursday for the possibility of showers. >> we're a little bit cooler for a. can't rule out late showers on saturday. sunday, chilly rain possible. some of our computer models are suggesting this could be an inch of rain or so which would be great for the drought, not so great if you have things to do on sunday, though. tuesday 66 imrees. >> coming up next how some people -- how far some people are willing to go for a free car can. >> and tomorrow on good day d.c., kevin mccarthy sits down with hollywood a listers christian bale and oscar is action. ocialtion the wizards ge
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local foreman live in the loft. fox news morning starts at
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>> finally tonight some people will do just about anything to get a new set of wheels. this is a car contest taking place in austin, texas. it's called kiss a kia. >> radio station is sponsoring. contestants must keep klehr lips locked on this 2016 opt mia. a live look at the contest started yesterday at 7 a.m. with 20 people. last check there are six here in front. some are probably there around the back. can you imagine this. a lot of slobber to clear off of that car. >> i would fall asleep. >> it looks like some of them may have fallen asleep. >> you got to do wh
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do, if you want to win a car. >> we're talking about it here in d.c. and it '
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coming up on today's telecast: >> this just burns the devil up! glory to god! >> i feel good! >> jesus! he's going to shout a little bit! where's all the pain? >> i don't know. >> you know who touched you? >> jesus! >> no more pain right here in my lower back. no more pain! >> doctor jesus gave her a divine chiropractic treatment! amen! god has used reverend peter popoff throughout his entire life and ministry to bring miraculous deliverance to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.


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